How to build a 3D golf room?

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This product is special for competition at home or office. Images are taken by high-speed sensor technology in order to calculate ball speed, club, direction, launch, deflection, drop point and distance. There are 170 golf world courses which could be converted into meeting rooms or movie theaters.

phong golf cao cap

Features of System

Competition: 9, 18 holes in Match, Stroke, Foursome, Four-ball, Game Skin
Tournament: Participate in online golf tournaments around the world*
Flight: maximum up to 6 players
Quantity: 100-200 golf courses.
Practice: Driving, Putting, Chipping, Practice, choosing a hit point on the course.
Recording: Recording Swing.
Controls: Central touch screen or mouse, detachable keyboard.
Interior: The room is covered with high quality fabric or felt leather mattress to reduce shock.
Image: 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 aspect ratio; Full HD or 4K . quality
Sound: Simulate birdsong, flowing water, wind, balloons, falling balls…
Practice mats : Stand-up mats, fairway mats, rough, bunker mats.

Technical requirements

(Recommended configuration)

  • Without automatic ball lifting system: 2.7m high, 3m wide, 4.5m length
  • With automatic ball lifting system: 3m high, 3m wide, 4.5m length
  • Hit 2 hands Left – Right: 3m high, 4.5m wide, 4.5m length

Basic golf equipment for the golf room

  1. Impact Vision 2 sensor or GC Hawk- Foresight Sports
  2. Golf practice mats, terrain mats
  3. FULL HD projector (5500 Lumen brightness) or 4K . projector
  4. Kiosk: central controller
  5. Polished projection screen
  6. Auto Tee-up (automatic ball up), Ball recovery floor
  7. Extra utilities: Equip with an additional sound system to make a home cinema or office meeting room system.

noi that phong golf 3d cao cap

3D golf room furniture

  • Surrounded by iron and wood frame
  • Shock absorber cover which’s made from felt leather or high-quality fabric
  • Floor with artificial golf grass
  • Ceiling upholstered with felt or high-quality fabric
  • High quality grass standing mat
  • Putting system to make realistic feelings

3D Golf Room Model

Description of Impact Vision 3D golf suite


With precise image processing technology, it allows analysis of clubface attack angle, flight direction, ball speed, spin speed.

impact vision golf 8

All shot data is calculated by Impactvision’s special algorithm, the sensor can recognize 9 different types of ball direction

impact vision golf 4


Impact Vision software provides practice modes: Driving, Putting, Chipping, Practice, choosing a hit point on the field and playing 9, 18 holes in Match, Stroke, Foursome, Four-ball format

Image output to the screen: Full HD mode, projector brightness 5500 Lumen. This projector could produce clear, smooth pixels with extremely high brightness.impact vision golf 9

Description of the GCHawk 3D golf suite – Foresight Sports


GCHawk is the most versatile and complete precision gauge on the market today. This is the only gauge in the golf industry to utilize Quadrascopic technology, the GCquad provides the most detailed and accurate visualization of ball and clubhead data analysis.foresight sports

Equipped with 4 high-speed cameras, with a large catch range, the GCHawk allows right- and left-handed players to hit shots with absolute confidence that performance is precisely measured. Liking its predecessors GC2 and GCQuad, GCHawk records shots from all types of clubs – from the hitter, club head to ball, and analyzes 12 indicators of swing shot for the best-golfing experience.

golf 3d 1 club data

golf 3d 12 FSX ballscreen


FSX software provides practice modes: Driving, Putting, Chipping, Practice, choosing a hit point on the field and playing 9, 18 holes in the format of Match, Stroke, Foursome, Four-ball, online competition

Golf experience with FSX 2020. GCHawk offers the industry’s largest library of golf courses and world-class courses – including The Links at Pebble Beach® and St Andrews® – all in stunning 4K configuration.

fsx golf courses