xu huong tap indoor golf
Indoor golf (also known as 3d golf ) was originally created for the purpose of avoiding cold in countries with cold weather, indoor golf practice still brings remarkable effects. Therefore, these models are increasingly developed and spread in many countries.
Over 60 years of development, indoor golf has proven its role well in helping players maintain a constant tempo in inclement weather, providing a high level of focus, and leveraging technology to helps to make shots more accurate based on the performance parameters. World legend Tiger Woods also owns Indoor Golf at home and in the “At Home With Tiger Woods” series, Tiger shared his improvement from the very first episode.
In countries such as Korea, Thailand, and the United States, Indoor Golf has also become a service industry with a significant contribution rate to the overall economy.
Even in the covid pandemic period, Indoor golf in the 3d golf room is still a trend and is the keyword with the highest search rate during the Covid season in the above countries (30% higher than the adjacent keyword)
With positive impacts, Indoor Golf has been making positive impacts on teaching and learning golf. Are you ready to experience this golf learning trend in the new year?
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