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How to build a Home Golf Simulator?

Let’s check the below price list for Indoor Golf Simulator installation which’s on DISCOUNT now.


Golf Net Cage’s designed for Golfers who want to practice swing and play golf at home.

A golf Net cage frame is a set of tools for limited practicing space as Small rooms, gardens, backyards, terraces, etc. This cage is optimally designed so that it can be disassembled separately. Players can also adjust the size to suit the space because the design includes couplings. Golf Practise cage frame is suitable for multi-space.

The product can withstand Vietnam’s weather conditions. The iron pipes are electrostatically painted to prevent lightning. We use super durable monofilament material for the cage net. Golf practice nets are smartly designed with reinforced connectors, allowing players to disassemble and move by themself. The product is designed with the durability to withstand the effects of weather conditions such as sunshine and rain.

khung long tap chu Z

Golf practice cage Z

List price is 5,000,000 VND.
Sale off day 20/05 only 4,500,000 VND left

The product set includes:

  • Height 2.5m, Width 2.5m, Depth 0.94m
  • Iron Cage
  • Golf Practise Net
khung long tap day du 1

Basic golf practice Net cage

List price 10,500,000 VND.
Sale off day20/05 only 9,500,000 VND left

The product set includes:

  • Height 3m, width 3m, depth 3m
  • Iron frame and cover net
  • Anti-strike Silk Target
  • Artificial grass mat
  • Swing golf practice mat: 1m2 x 1m2
  • Rubber Tee
  • 10 golf balls (free gifts)
Long tap golf cao cap 1

High quality golf practice cage

List price is 24,000,000 VND.
Sale off day20/05 only 22,000,000 VND left

The product set includes:

  • Height 3m, width 3m, depth 3m
  • Iron Cage frame and cover net
  • Anti-strike Silk Target
  • Swing & putt mats; size 3m x 5m
  • Golf Ball Dispenser Machine
  • Rubber Tee
  • Golf Chipping net
  • 50 golf balls (free gifts)

The design of PGM’s new golf practicing cage frame released in 2021 has striking, modern, and delicate design features. Product installation is easier due to improving buttons.

  • The dimension is suitable for practicing golf at home or in small spaces such as apartment rooms, balconies, and gardens, 2.5m wide enough to ensure safety when practicing techniques such as swing, driver, and chipping.
  • The material of the frame helps to ensure long-term durability, the electrostatic iron frame prevents rust. And the thick waterproof net helps the product retain its high durability even when placed outdoors.
  • – Practicing golf at home has many benefits: maintaining a practice on bad weather days or saving time when you’re busy working so as not to go to the course or during times at home to avoid pandemics, etc. Golf will help you improve your health and spend time practicing with your friends and family.

khung long tap golf scaled

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