1. What is Screen Golf?

Surely many golfers who have heard of the term Screen golf are also surprised to know what it is, right? Now GOLF3D.asia will explain the origin of the name Screen Golf ?

Screen Golf This is the name commonly used by professional and amateur golfers in Korea to refer to the indoor simulator golf system . In Korea, golfers often call it Screen Golf, but in Vietnam, the concept of playing golf in an indoor simulator has many other American names, 3D Golf, or Indoor Golf or Indoor Golf. In the world, golfers call it Golf Simulator.

screen golf là gì

Koreans consider playing on “Screen Golf” and playing “Outdoor golf” unimportant. For them, playing golf is the same everywhere as long as the game brings them joy and excitement. In Korea “Screen Golf” develops rapidly, currently (in 2020) Korea now has more than 10,000 screen golf rooms spread across the country. The strongest chain of Screen Golf systems in Korea is Golfzon (5,756 rooms). In 2019, the Korean government limited and halted the construction of new golf courses, with increasing demand for golf among young people who rarely play the field. That makes playing golf on Screen golf attractive to all classes of golfers to fill the need for entertainment on the grass. An hour of Screen golf is more than enough for 2 people to play an 18-hole round of game for about 30,000 won (~$25). Korea is also a pioneer country for organizing professional online golf tournaments attended by many KPGA golfers.

2. How much does it cost to install a golf screen?

Currently in Vietnam and at GOLF3D.asia the package cost for the basic golf room is ~300,000,000 VND and the premium golf room package cost is ~600,000,000 VND(Prices are for reference only, if you want to receive an accurate quote, please contact Hotline)

screen golf giá bao nhiêu

Complete set of Screen Golf with the following equipment:

  • 3-sided felted leather golf room 3mx4mx3m, grass carpeted floor, felt-covered teeing ground
  • Automatic ball collection and lifting system
  • Golf sensor & golf software imported from Korea, updated version, latest golf course every year.
  • Dedicated computers for golf rooms;
  • Dedicated projector and bearing silver plate.
  • Golf practice mat with 3 types of terrain: sand pit, tall grass and fairway.
  • The camera captures your swing.

Screen golf is a virtual reality system but no different from the field. With the development of technology, currently golf sensors analyze more than 11-15 data parameters of speed, distance, drop point… of the ball and clubhead. Data and images will be output to a 3x4m screen. There are sounds to simulate birdsong, running water and the sound of a ball falling, in addition, the software has many features for indoor golf practice to enhance the long shot and improve the swing according to the standards of the PGA curriculum.(only GOLF3D.asia provided) … If you have the opportunity to experience golf on Screen golf, you will feel this attraction and greatness.

If you have a need to install a 3d golf room. Please contact our Hotline 0909 337 685 for immediate advice. GOLF3D.asia receives design and construction of 3D golf rooms in Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Da Nang, Hanoi…. and all other provinces in the country.