How to build a Home Golf Simulator?

Let’s check the below price list for Indoor Golf Simulator installation which’s on DISCOUNT now.


An indispensable product for golfers who want to practice golf at home or in the office with extremely high mobility and compactness. With the indoor golf set – Skytrak has the function of practicing driving range, chipping with family and partners anytime, anywhere.

golf trong nha skytrak

System Features

Game modes: Driving range, chipping, pitting.
Analyze stats: Distance, Carry, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Launch Anlge, Side Angle, Back Spin, Side Spin…
Equipment: Rechargeable battery – up to 5 hours of continuous use
Dimensions: 147 x 173 x 62mm
Additional options: 3D golf room, 18 hole game with golf software E6

Golf equipment for Indoor Golf

  1. Japanese Skytrak meter
  2. Basic golf software on Iphone, Ipad and windows PC
  3. 1.2 x 1.2m . golf practice mat
  4. Golf practice cage 3x3x3m
  5. Artificial grass carpet 3x3m
  6. Other equipment: PC, Laptop and projector connection (retrofit)

Indoor Golf Model – Skytrak

Description of the indoor golf set – Skytrak


Shot-Tracer sensing technology could analyze 11 parameters accurately such as launch angle, ball direction, ball speed, and spin speed.

All data of a shot is calculated by a special algorithm of Skytrak Asia software, the sensor can recognize many different types of ball directions.

tho%CC%82%CC%81ng ke%CC%82 pha%CC%82n ti%CC%81ch skytrak

The default Skytrak Asia -Basic Practice Range Plan software is included with the purchase of the Skytrak Meter.
The Skytrak meter provides many practice modes such as: Driving, Chipping, Practice, on the simulated training ground.
The software can connect to many handheld control devices such as: Phones, tablets, laptops to look up data anytime, anywhere.

skytrak thie%CC%82%CC%81t bi%CC%A3 ke%CC%82%CC%81t no%CC%82%CC%81i

Package price of Skytrak Indoor Golf

Room area: 3m wide, 2.8-3m high, 3.5m deep.
The product set includes:

  • Skytrak Meter and Basic Practice Range Software
  • Golf practice cage 3 x 3 x 3m
  • Golf practice mat 1.2 x 1.2m
  • Artificial grass carpet 3x3m
  • Offers of the day20/05 : free 10 golf balls
List price is 85,000,000 VND.
Sale off 20/05 only 75,000,000 VND left

bo%CC%A3%CC%82 sa%CC%89n pha%CC%82%CC%89m skytrak


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