Project Description

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Bravo Golf sensor for golf room

Bravo golf is a ceiling-mounted sensor that brings a whole new level of comfort and flexibility to your swing.

The Bravo golf sensor uses high-speed camera technology, providing instant video and images, with a real-time snapshot of each shot. Provide accurate and reliable data.

Bavo Golf sensor, with technology using 2 high-speed cameras analyzing frames (1000-2000 frames), is specially designed for luxurious and classy golf rooms, with FULL HD images, Use 2 cameras for faster, more realistic and reliable pictures and videos.

bravo golf


With precise image processing technology, it allows for accurate analysis of clubface angle of attack, ball flight direction, ball speed, spin speed before and after impact.

All the data of the shot, the flight of the ball is calculated by the special algorithm of Bravo Golf, the sensor can recognize 9 different types of ball direction including fade and draw shot.

bravo golf