Project Description

How to build a 3D golf room Simulator?

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Mevo+ Flightscope sensor for golf room

Product Description:
Mevo golf sensors are launch monitors, which can be used indoors and outdoors to help golfers improve their shots and enjoy a comfortable, classy golfing experience!.

Mevo golf sensor uses 3D Doppler radar technology, thereby giving accurate and reliable parameters.

May do mevo

  • 8 basic technical parameters analyzed after each shot.
  • Video clips recorded and played back record the indoor and outdoor distances
  • Save, upload and share each play 5 available golf courses (iOS only)
  • 17 golf courses Internal camera for easy target alignment
  • Use the internal camera for easy orientation
  • Devices that can broadcast wifi

The machine made by Mevo can be used indoors or outdoors for practice and for improving the band by providing basic parameters to the player and automatically recording video.

In addition, with the Mevo sensor, golfers can still design a modern 3D golf room at home with basic standards such as:

5 golf courses available, 17 practice courses and online golf tournaments. Golfers can purchase more TGC software to bring back more than 20,000 golf courses for an even better experience!

may do mevo