Project Description

How to build a 3D golf room simulator?

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GC-Hawk sensor for golf Simulator

Description of Product:

GC-Hawk is a ceiling sensor that brings a whole new level of comfort and flexibility to your swings shots.

GC-Hawk sensor uses 4 cameras with High-speed rotating technology for both left & right-handed golfers. This technology could provide video and real images of each shot immediately (Real-time Snap Shot) with accurate and reliable data.

GC-Hawk sensor uses 2 cameras with High-speed analyzing technology (about 2000 pics), which’s designed for professional 3D Golf rooms to prove FULL HD images.

GCHawk ™ not only supports Golf sport but also Football. It’s a good choice for you. This sensor could analyze these indicators such as ball speed, clubface angle, total spin, backspin, sidespin, etc. GCHawk ™ will bring you a new feeling when playing football.

Sensor GC-Hawk


By using accurate image processing technology, it allows for analyzing clubface attack angle, ball direction, ball speed, and spin speed in the previous and after hitting.

All information about the shot and the direction of the ball is calculated by the special algorithm of Foresight Sports, the sensor can recognize 9 different types of ball directions including fade and draw shot.

Sensor GC-Hawk