Golf 3D is an unprecedented product of Korea – the combination of passionate golf passion with outstanding achievements of information technology.

In the midst of the economic crisis caused by the Covid pandemic sweeping the world, businesses in Korea were severely affected by the lockdown, but a miracle happened: the public sector. Korean 3D golf industry (Screen Golf) in contrast has witnessed a spectacular growth of 40% in sales! Let’s find out why and how 3D golf was born and developed so quickly, why Screen Golf was born late but has a comparable position with traditional golf in Korea.

Golf 3d han quoc

The story was born In the year 2000, phòng golf 3D first appeared in Korea, but after only 20 years, the number has reached 10,000 large and small rooms, developing rapidly and nationwide with the number of players exceeding the number of traditional golf players by 7-8. million. A standard 3D golf room is a breakthrough, creating a new golf culture and a launch pad alongside traditional golf in the Korean golf industry. The origin of 3D golf is from the early 90s when golf club manufacturing companies from the US – Germany – Japan created simulation devices that analyze swing trajectory to make gauges and sensors. By 2000, Korean companies had creatively applied this technology and developed it into 3D golf equipment. Since then, they have commercialized and continuously improved the technology to this day. Koreans are proud to have created screen golf – a Korean brand.

In terms of technology, 3D golf is a virtual reality system that is as vivid as on a real golf course by combining the data and ball speed measured by the sensor device with the actual data of the golf course through the screen. The large image creates a lifelike simulation for the player. In the early days it was called the golf simulator system. The most advanced technologies such as graphic technology, VR virtual reality technology, AI artificial intelligence… have created a lively space like a real golf course, very sophisticated and diverse.

Up to 500 domestic and foreign inventions have been applied to create this system in a 3D golf room with an area of only 50-100m2. Players can choose to play among hundreds of favorite golf courses at home and abroad, including virtual golf courses.

golf 3d han golf han quoc

We can hardly imagine in Korea today, 3D golf has become a huge market with about 10,000 golf rooms. Statistics show that the number of people playing 3D golf has surpassed the number of players at real golf courses in Korea (there are about 500 traditional golf courses in operation with 8 million players).

The galloping development of 3D golf can only be explained with the following reasons: First of all, it must be said that thanks to its outstanding advantages in terms of convenience, distance, price… very effectively meet the needs of golf practice and golf playing of the majority of Koreans. They are the common people, civil servants, office workers, students, … 3D golf is very convenient because it is everywhere in the city, in the apartment complex, in the street, in the countryside.. one can play golf anytime, anywhere with affordable cost. With only 20 dollars, you can play all 18 holes while going to a traditional golf course has to go 100km with a cost of over $400 each time, not to mention booking the course is very difficult, sometimes like picking stars. so in the sky. Korean real estate investors had to include 3D golf in the portfolio of apartment buildings to increase the attractiveness of the project.

Of course, in other advanced industrial countries with large lands and many courts, the preference of the players is still to play in the real field.

The second reason is the increasing number of Korean golfers, especially young people. The survey showed that people over 50 years old prefer to go to the real golf course and under 50 years old prefer 3D golf. People come to the golf room not only to practice but also to meet and interact with many attractive utilities that 3D golf business companies have created to please customers. Not only beginners but also pros. now also come to the golf room to practice and exchange and compete.

Golf 3D is not just a game anymore, it has become a new way of life and golf culture because of the most modern technologies, the most comfortable facilities, the distinct attraction that makes people passionate and 3D golf addiction is like traditional golf before.

After work, instead of going to the beer shop, friends meet to the golf room to compete, have fun, have a little bet to increase the attractiveness. The weakest point of this system is the lack of accuracy in the short game. However, experts are trying to apply many techniques to overcome this weakness. Tuesday: South Korea’s temperate climate with 4-5 months of winter snow makes it impossible for people to go out to play golf, the 3D golf solution with convenient facilities and exchanges is too reasonable. Ideal for solving a golf 3d han

During covid, when national borders are closed, Korean golfers who love to travel and experience golf in many parts of the world have to travel to play golf through the screen to their favorite golf courses. A huge industry Currently, more than 30 3D golf businesses in Korea have been competing with each other to constantly improve, further improve quality, perfectly combine sports and entertainment. satisfy fans of 3D golf. They organize domestic and international events, 3D golf tournaments, online tournaments between Korea and other countries such as China, Europe, America…

They also set up a separate TV channel on Korean cable TV about 3D golf. Even the 3D Golf Association of Korea was established like a traditional golf association. The latest technologies and achievements of the 4.0 revolution have also been applied not only to develop 3D golf but also to create other new screen sports products such as football, baseball, bowling, archery, shooting guns… An extremely important factor that cannot be ignored is the support of the Korean government in the development of 3D golf. The government saw early on the importance of the golf industry which includes traditional golf courses, 3D golf courses and the golf equipment manufacturing and trading industry which already accounts for 20-30 billion dollars in the national income of the country. Korea.

During the Covid-19 period, when other sports and tourism sectors were affected and declined sharply, the business of traditional golf courses and 3D golf developed very well. Statistics show that sales of traditional golf increased by 20% and sales of 3D golf increased by 40%. This shows the great potential and prospects of the golf industry in the future despite difficult externalities such as the Covid-19 epidemic. In Korea, the winter is long, so nothing is as enjoyable as sitting and entertaining with friends in the warm atmosphere of the 3D golf room, and in Vietnam, during the hot summer days, the 3D golf course will be an option. Good choice for golfers. “Hundreds of hearing is not what you see”, take the time to visit a 3D golf room near you, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Golf in Korea: Golf course: 500 Number of golfers: 5 million Number of traditional golfers: 3 million Number of 3D golfers: 5 million Number of traditional golf players: 38 million Number of 3D golf players: 60 million (Golfzon alone) Number of Screen Golf rooms: 10,000 Golf and accessories market: $20-30 billion/year

About the author: Mr. Pham Tien Van
Title: Ambassador Term in Korea: 2005-2010
Start playing golf: since 2000
Handicap: 18
Favorite golf quote: “never up, never in”


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