Skytrak golf measuring device is a measuring device and simulating ball trajectory specialized for indoor and outdoor golf practice. The Skytrak golf meter uses Shot-Tracer sensor technology that can measure up to 11 golf parameters. This article would like to guide some installation and layout options to be able to use Skytrak golf effectively according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

1. Skytrak golf meter placement method

The Skytrak meter is a compact portable device, powered by a rechargeable battery. Users using phones, ipads, tablets choose the wireless connection method of skytrak golf to display swing data on your own handheld device.
Customers place the Skytrak meter in the opposite position in the setup position. You align so that the laser line of the golf skytrak meter is right in the position of the golf ball.

Vị trí đặt skytrak golf

2. Connection method with portable electronic device

Step 1: Download the SkyTrak app. Find SkyTrak software in Apple App Store on iphone, ipad phone devices.

Step 2: Register your SkyTrak
Launch the SkyTrak software on your mobile device and follow the instructions in the SkyTrak app.
If you already have a SkyGolf / SkyCaddie Account – Sign in with your username and password.
If you do not have an account, select the “Create account” option to create a SkyTrak online account.
Next, select “Register” to register your SkyTrak. Your SkyTrak’s unique serial number will show up and it will be registered with SkyTrak.

Step 3: Pair SkyTrak on mobile device.
Connect via a direct Wi-Fi network OR through your home network.
Go to the search for network devices Click the Wi-Fi signal icon select SkyTrak from the drop-down menu, click Connect.

*Skytrak Golf can connect to Desktop and Laptop devices.

That’s it, you have connected Skytrak Golf, now just swing and see the results on your handheld electronic device.

3. The plan to use Skytrak golf to become a 3D golf room

You buy an additional set of golf cages with size 3x3x3m, swing mats 1.2x 1.2m to practice at home.
Skytrak golf giá bao nhiêu?

How much does Skytrak golf product cost?

You can refer to our Skytak indoor golf product range here
Bộ sản phẩm skytrak golf giá là 75 triệu

The price of Skytrak golf products we are promoting is 75 million.

The reason that Skytrak golf is so appreciated is that it can meet all the needs of golfers who need to practice golf at home. Accurate shot analysis with over 11 basic parameters. Especially the price of skytrak golf products is very good.

If you have a need to install a 3d golf room . Please contact our Hotline 0909337685 for immediate advice. receives design and construction of 3D golf rooms in Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Da Nang, Hanoi…. and all other provinces in the country.